Lossless Data Compression

Breaking theoretical limits,
one byte at a time.

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Who We Are

We have a passion for achieving the impossible.

BitGen Technology is Veteran owned and operated; We strive to implement technology that pushes humankind to new heights. Specifically, we focus on solving a variety of issues relating to data compression, data management, and lossless algorithms. Our techniques are unique and made possible by not simply making something better, but instead by doing things radically different.

Problem Solving

Many issues are currently present in the Data Science industry. Clearly understanding a problem and all associated outlining connections are a crucial step to making a strong and successful impact.


Working through some of the most complicated issues in the world requires a strong team. We collaborate and achieve through effective communication and universal diagrams/blue prints.

Divide and Conquer

We utilize some of the most advanced techniques ever recorded and never stand down from the unknown. Creating impossible feats becomes a reality by our divide and conquer mentality. Breaking down difficult tasks into solvable problems.


Creating advanced technology is only half of what makes Bitgen Technology capable of achieving such remarkable goals. Our leaders are amoung the most forward thinkers in the world and for this reason we represent the standard of innovation.

What We Do

We Develop the Most Advanced Data Compression Algorithms and Data Management Techniques in the World.

We push the realm of what's thought to be impossible using pure determination and passion as a driving force. Our team puts special focus on the little things, for the small details are what makes our products the standard of innovation.


Seeking new levels of advancement is a daunting task for some. However, our team takes challenges head on and develop with some of the most out-of-the-box techniques known to data science.


Complex break throughs are a daily occurance at BitGen Technology. Understanding that nothing is impossible and anything can be achieved allows for extreme creative outlets and great success.


With our fundamental principles we believe that everything is within reach and can be achieved through technology. We believe that through BitGen Technology everything is limitless.

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